Bison wonder pizza

Our little one picked this recipe early one Sunday morning, long before it was time for lunch. We had recently purchased some bison and were looking for unique ways to use it. This pizza recipe is super simple to follow, easy to make, and probably pretty good for you.

The pizza uses the “Super Easy Whole Wheat Crust” recipe and the following toppings:
-1/4 lb [ground bison]
-1/8 lb [manchego] sliced or shredded
-1 medium onion (diced)
-3 Tbsp [oven-dried tomatoes]

1. Cook the bison using your favorite method (salting as required; we use [pink Himalayan salt])
2. Distribute the [oven-dried tomatoes] on the “Super Easy Whole Wheat Crust”
3. Spread the cheese and onions in an attractive pattern
4. Cook for 20 mins at 400°
5. Enjoy!

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