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Easy Paella – Prompted by a book.

Over the past few years we have been learning about the many beautiful cultures of the world and enjoying the foods, sights, and most of all people of each one.

Our most recent adventure led us toward Hispanic culture and cuisine. One of the books that shows a delicious aspect of this culture is Let’s Eat by Ana Zamorano (

While we can’t vouch for all of the activities that the characters participated in (playing Hide n’ Seek instead of joining the family for dinner, etc.), we can appreciate the emphasis on family time together and the preparation for and sharing of delicious foods.

This story, plus some recent travels, led us to Paella. This traditional Spanish meal is delicious. We tried it in Spain and loved it, so we figured that we would try to remake it at our house.

As inspiration, we used the following recipe from

And….here’s how it came out:


We hope that you will try it too!